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So that i++ && u++

Top 10 Unheard Unmatchable Android Apps

Unless you’re the rich or the lucky one, most probably, you’ll be having an android smartphone. I’m one of those who keeps on looking for new stuff, and try to find quality apps from Play Store. I’m compiling a list of what I can call my current top 10 Android apps. Being said that, I’m […]

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Testimonials Downloader – BITS Melange

Well, I got a good number of sweet testimonials and I’m one of those who keeps these things saved like a treasure, and every once in a while is ready to drown back into nostalgia by going through things like this. So, I went ahead, and now that the testimonials deadline is way past over, […]

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Who’s a hacker?

If you’ve read some books on linux, firstly, let me salute you. You’re the man! Secondly, not everyone can handle the monotonous text and pages filled with commands, one after another, like it’s a dictionary and you just want to fit everything into one. No offense, but a lighthearted and cool approach always attracts beginners. […]

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I used to miss windows taskbar too!

One thing people hate when they move to ubuntu/gubuntu/kubuntu is the taskbar. You can only see the current window and you have to learn a whole new habit of using ALT+TAB or, PUT HOTCORNERS TO YOUR LINUX DISTRIBUTION(also called distro) or, resize one window to see the other behind and then click on that to […]

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Geek style stalking – who else is online on LAN?

You can play pink panther’s music on the back to get the feel of it. Well, I don’t remember how I had stumbled upon it, but for some reason, I wanted to know who else was online from my hostel. Because, I’m kinda alone here, on campus in the vacations, and the hostel’s really big […]

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