Prolog :- Mind = Blown.

About 7 years ago I wrote my first Hello World program. It’s been that long that I’ve been friends with programming but not a single programming language inspired me enough to write about it. Until today. Before judging me, know that I’ve been through a good chunk of languages – C, C++, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Lisp, HTML5, CSS. And I like them, every single one of them (except Lisp, maybe). However, even after coding in all of these, nothing sparked a fire like Prolog did today.
So, what exactly does Prolog have which others don’t?
Brain. Prolog is a fast smartass shit.
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Painstaking Placements Preparation

I plan to write this post to (try to) make it your one stop destination answer to the question – ‘How to study to get placed?’ It’ll cover everything I came across and studied (or planned to study), followed by my views on placement processes. That also means this is going to be a long post, and you don’t have to finish reading everything today. If you wish to follow whatever is here, you can keep it bookmarked and keep coming back. I may be editing and adding more things too.
I also plan to rekindle my blog from this post, so there may be many posts on different subjects coming in the coming weeks.

However, all of this may not have any credibility if you don’t find my placement interesting or catchy. Firstly, that’s perfectly okay because I am not joining Apple/Google/Twitter or any silicon valley startup like snapchat. I got placed into Endurance International Group. They are a conglomeration of various major web hosting and domain registration companies like BlueHost, HostGator, FatCow,, etc. Furthermore, they acquired Directi Web technologies in the last year. Now, to be precise, I got placed in Directi (as a subsidiary of Endurance International Group) as a Software Engineer. This means when you’ll next be using a Directi web product, there’s a good chance I would have worked on making your experience smoother and sweeter.
I still think you feel this is just like another IT firm job. Yes it is, except Directi allows you to arrive at office at your own timings, wearing t-shirt and shorts, coding up a project you prefer doing, while sipping free oreo shakes from the cafe. Moreover, hierarchy is non-existent and promotions can be as fast as you can work. Package is 15 lpa, and there are tons of other benefits besides joyful company of some of the smartest people and sweetest new technologies. They came as the first IT company on campus on day 0 and I was placed on the same day.

Onto the real stuff…

Look, the placement process will consist of a MCQ/Coding round to shortlist candidates followed by ‘x’ number of technical interviews followed by an optional HR round. So, to ace it (and mind you, don’t think of anything lesser than that) you’ll need three things :
1. Proficiency in Competitive Coding
2. Decent knowledge and quizzing of Major CS Subjects
3. Sensible mind so as to not screw up HR round
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Basics of Forking Processes in OS

So, today we were being taught about forking (with respect to Operating Systems :P), and some of my mates seem confused.

The question that was asked in the class was what would be a tree structure of processes when the following code is run:
(You could assume first process to be P1, and then P2, and so on..)

The tree structure that is formed looks like this :

Now, imagine this situation :
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Top 10 Unheard Unmatchable Android Apps

Unless you’re the rich or the lucky one, most probably, you’ll be having an android smartphone. I’m one of those who keeps on looking for new stuff, and try to find quality apps from Play Store.

I’m compiling a list of what I can call my current top 10 Android apps. Being said that, I’m omitting the obvious ones – WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And, I’m also omitting those which you’ll most probably be knowing : Firefox, Magoosh, PushBullet, VLC, etc.

So, here’s a list of some amazing apps which you might not have heard of:

  1. Lightning Browser
  2. lightning browser screenshot
    Easily the best browser for entry-level (budget) phones with low specs. Hardly consumes RAM, takes only approximate 2mb space on your phone, and works flawlessly! You can access tabs with a swipe, and there’s a *cough* incognito mode too. Continue reading

Testimonials Downloader – BITS Melange

Well, I got a good number of sweet testimonials and I’m one of those who keeps these things saved like a treasure, and every once in a while is ready to drown back into nostalgia by going through things like this.

So, I went ahead, and now that the testimonials deadline is way past over, I decided to download all my testimonials. But. Uh oh. I ended up getting this ugly output from the otherwise beautifully built website.

Screenshot from 2014-09-20 21:52:22
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Who’s a hacker?

If you’ve read some books on linux, firstly, let me salute you. You’re the man! Secondly, not everyone can handle the monotonous text and pages filled with commands, one after another, like it’s a dictionary and you just want to fit everything into one. No offense, but a lighthearted and cool approach always attracts beginners. Like me.

While I was browsing through my college library (for a change), I came across this book titled ‘The Joy of Linux’. I’m still not done with it (slow reader), but there hasn’t been a single page which was dull, and not a single chapter that didn’t make me smile or inspire.

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