Top 10 Unheard Unmatchable Android Apps

Unless you’re the rich or the lucky one, most probably, you’ll be having an android smartphone. I’m one of those who keeps on looking for new stuff, and try to find quality apps from Play Store.

I’m compiling a list of what I can call my current top 10 Android apps. Being said that, I’m omitting the obvious ones – WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And, I’m also omitting those which you’ll most probably be knowing : Firefox, Magoosh, PushBullet, VLC, etc.

So, here’s a list of some amazing apps which you might not have heard of:

  1. Lightning Browser
  2. lightning browser screenshot
    Easily the best browser for entry-level (budget) phones with low specs. Hardly consumes RAM, takes only approximate 2mb space on your phone, and works flawlessly! You can access tabs with a swipe, and there’s a *cough* incognito mode too. Continue reading

I used to miss windows taskbar too!

One thing people hate when they move to ubuntu/gubuntu/kubuntu is the taskbar. You can only see the current window and you have to learn a whole new habit of using ALT+TAB or, PUT HOTCORNERS TO YOUR LINUX DISTRIBUTION(also called distro) or, resize one window to see the other behind and then click on that to focus it.

While I had become used to the ALT+TAB thing, taskbar still was a thing to miss. With it, you could always know which all windows are opened, if your current window Continue reading

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