So, recently I got seduced again by all the flashy, hot stuff that’s going around in Artificial Intelligence (henceforth only referred as AI). There was this day when it gave me chills down my spine, and it didn’t have any effect on people around me, I knew it then I had feelings for AI. So, as gradient descent does, I stepped towards it. I took courses, I helped out an assistant professor with research related to Support Vector Machines, I tried to read many AI papers and even did a 6-month long thesis on using MaxEnt approach in Inductive Logic Programming. Everything went fine.

But fine ain’t good ever. And fine is never really great. And I wanted oomph! I wanted sweat. I wanted Electricity. I wanted Amazement. I wanted something phenomenal to happen between me and AI. But, for that to happen, I would have to give it time, respect, effort and a lot of other stuff that automatically falls under passion.

So, this is the day. The day 1. The pilot episode. The first step, in a journey of the AI world. Every day, I will walk a few steps in this world. Even if it’s the busiest day and I have to read up stuff while I’m shitting (which btw, isn’t a bad idea!).

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