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A funny friend, who was then high told me that I should start a technical blog. I laughed at him and he laughed back.

Few days later, I had to complete this ‘Microprocessors and Interfacing’ related project as a part of an academic course, for which Google did help me a bit, But, it couldn’t present me with anything that I could majorly imitate. So, I had to sit for long hours to convert a code that worked for a different kind of processor to the code which would work for the processor I had to use in my project.

Now, the final product that I got after that was something that didn’t actually exist on the internet. Then it struck me – Why not?


Recently, I thought as to why just limit it to those things that I make/modify which don’t exist on the internet? There’s a hundred technical problems that I might face every month. Small small problems, that a lot of common people face. Maybe some (wannabe)geeks too, like me. So, it won’t hurt anyone if I present the problems and their solutions in my own words, right?


Hence, probably once in every week, you should be able to see a new post. A new thing to learn. Now, I can’t guarantee that it WILL help you. But, it might help someone… And, surely, writing it would help me at least.

Now, while that Microprocessor’s related post deserve to be the first such post, it’ll dawn a bit later. I have an image of my homepage (http://www.bhavul.com) in mind, and while trying to achieve that, I’ll get stuck a lot. So, first few posts might just be on those things. or Parts of those things.

Hope something of this comes of some use to you sometime.

Oh, btw, Hi! I am Bhavul Gauri, an undergraduate student at BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus. More on me on the ‘About’ Page.


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  1. I would love to read the MuP project post! 😀

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