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I used to miss windows taskbar too!

One thing people hate when they move to ubuntu/gubuntu/kubuntu is the taskbar. You can only see the current window and you have to learn a whole new habit of using ALT+TAB or, PUT HOTCORNERS TO YOUR LINUX DISTRIBUTION(also called distro) or, resize one window to see the other behind and then click on that to focus it.

While I had become used to the ALT+TAB thing, taskbar still was a thing to miss. With it, you could always know which all windows are opened, if your current window Continue reading

Geek style stalking – who else is online on LAN?

You can play pink panther’s music on the back to get the feel of it.

Well, I don’t remember how I had stumbled upon it, but for some reason, I wanted to know who else was online from my hostel. Because, I’m kinda alone here, on campus in the vacations, and the hostel’s really big and blah blah. *girl cry*

Anyway, so, I came across this beautiful command Continue reading

Hello Intelligent Species!

A funny friend, who was then high told me that I should start a technical blog. I laughed at him and he laughed back.

Few days later, I had to complete this ‘Microprocessors and Interfacing’ related project as a part of an academic course, for which Google did help me a bit, But, it couldn’t present me with anything that I could majorly Continue reading

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