PVR 4DX Review (Feat. Wonder woman)

So, it’s been more than two weeks since 4DX came into Bengaluru (In Phoenix Market City), and I wanted to know how it was. But I couldn’t find any tweets, any facebook updates, or blogs about it. I could find lots of check-ins but no one describing what and how it was. So, I decided to do that myself.

So, what is 4DX?

It’s your normal 3D (not IMAX 3D) plus a lot of other effects. For instance, when you’ll be seeing a camera panning shot, your seat is also gonna move in the same direction. This gives you a better perspective. If you think from a cinematic point of view, a movie is always shot thinking camera is the audience…..and here, as the camera moves, your seat moves too. It does add a lot of oomph factor in certain scenes…specially the ones where there are jumps, or falls.

But that’s not all. When it snows in the movie, you’re gonna see artificial snow in the theatre…not falling on you though. Only in the front. Similar effect is there for fog as well. Say, it’s a dessert scene, or a scene with ammunition, or dirt, you’re gonna see gas blown inside theatre to give the fog effect. After few seconds as the smoke sways around the theatre screen and diffuses slowly, it does add to the emotion of the scene. A big thumbs up to that!

Few more sweet things are there such as it could drizzle a bit on you if it rains, they’ll spray beautiful scent if it’s a beautiful place in the movie and a bad smell if it’s a shitty place….and so on.

But the question that stands after all this is…..is this just a gimmick? Or could it be as good as IMAX 3D turned out to be eventually?

I’ll be honest here. I went to 4DX thinking it’s gonna be a one time thing…. That it is more of a gimmick, and I was just giving it a try because one should try everything once. But, at three different times in the movie, I was proved very very wrong!!

There are three critical and beautiful action sequences in Wonder Woman. And through all three of them, there was smoke diffusing very well with the 3D screen. It adds to making you feel you’re part of the scene, since the dirt/fog is outside the screen as well. Our seats kept rocking with the beatings. With each punch and kick and bullet and sword, there were sudden and short pushes to the chair in each direction.
While these action sequences would have evoked the same emotions in 2D also, here it was all much more amplified and real. The whole effect… the whole feeling…the whole impact of it was a HUNDRED TIMES MORE. It’s like once I got out of the theatre, I had the feeling that those who would watch this movie in 2D or just 3D… They’re missing out so much. It’s like they’re having their food without any salt. If you’re used to it, you won’t find much issues, but once you go 4DX, you’re gonna know what all you have been missing.

Then there were few more goodies throughout the movie too. There’s a lot of horse riding in the movie, and whenever anyone is riding a horse, your chair also vibrates and gives a blow from the bottom. So it pseudo-feels like you’re on a horse. There was smell of alcohol sprayed in the theatre when they’re having beers. There are few small bits of “4DX” that will keep coming throughout the movie and not just spread sparsely. But the good thing is, they’re not so distracting to take your mind off the movie.

But besides all this praise, it should be made clear that this 4DX would suit a few genres of movies only. Action and horror flicks majorly. I don’t see it being much effective in a romcom or even a sci-fi movie.

I don’t wish to spoil anything about Wonder Woman, but I do want to tell you that after watching it, I’m on that side of internet which says this is DCs best till date. Beautiful movie, a story well told, blended with (thankfully) some good humour in DC movie and brilliant action sequences. And 4DX is the best way to watch it. See it in 4DX and you won’t argue with me.

I highly recommend you to go and watch this movie in PVR 4DX. This review is not sponsored by anyone. I was myself looking for reviews of 4DX and couldn’t find any worthy one which described it well. So, I took the pen myself.

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Here are a few more things you should know :

  • There would not be any interval in the movie
  • No eateries are allowed inside theatre since your seat moves up, down left and right…and rocks as well. So fill yourself up, before you enter the premises.
  • The rocking/moving of the chair is not as hard as some amusement ride. You won’t get motion sickness or feel light in your head or stomach. So, don’t even think of refusing to go just because of those reasons.
  • Seats are not as comfortable as in IMAX 3D. They’re like regular PVR seats only.
  • Seats are divided in groups of 4. So, if you have a group of 5 folks going…and you choose to book 1,2,3,4,5 of some row, then one sitting on 5th seat is gonna be a metre farther than others.
  • Don’t choose the top row. 3rd to 4th row is the best.
  • This theatre will be smaller than IMAX 3D, having around just 100 seats. The projector screen size would be the size of regular PVR theatre screen.

But it’s completely worth the money. And if you’ve read this now, I suggest you surprise someone with 4DX experience for Wonder Woman. They’ll thank you in the end, for sure. Unless you go and make them see “The Mummy” in 4DX.


  1. One thing you missed to mention. Do we need to wear 3D glasses ? Do we have non-3D 4DX movie ?

  2. Why did you mention not recommended to watch mummy movie?

    Anyhow which movie do you think is best to watch now on pvr 4dx bangalore? Wonderwoman or cars or spiderman? This is first 4dx experience. I am a big fan of IMAX as well. Hope i will love 4dx.

  3. Well penned review.

  4. Poonam Bhagat

    June 18, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    And I liked the advice to the audiences that ” The rocking/moving of the chair is not as hard as some amusement ride. You won’t get motion sickness or feel light in your head or stomach. So, don’t even think of refusing to go just because of those reasons.” You are a very good writer.

  5. Poonam Bhagat

    June 18, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Very informative review and too cool and natural.

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