The last post of this blog came was in January 2016. Now it is 2019! I wanted to keep continuing the blog but somehow just never prioritised it. Not anymore though. It’s been too damn long, and the blog’s going to take a fresh reboot. Soon, this blog shall have a lot of new posts.

Back then, I was pumped up, loved sharing knowledge, and it was campus placements time and it was known that ‘a tech blog could give you an edge’. To be honest, it did help me. But somehow, the whole change in lifestyle soon caused the blog to be forgotten.

Since then I’ve done a lot – switched to a Mac, won hackathons, switched to doing machine learning full time, learnt about deep learning, built a lot of small projects and automation tools, and in general learnt a whole lot. And whatever of that isn’t too outdated will be coming up on the blog in the coming days or weeks.

Hope you get to learn something as you stop by at this blog. 🙂